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Canby 2014 Registration and Info


Last Updated: 4/2/14
As always, see Ratsun for many other Datsun events! 

                   Club Meeting  April 4
Fun Run  April 19  Feather River Fun Run
Event  April 25-26  Solvang Roadster Classic
Event  April 25  Z Car Bash
Club Meeting  May 2
Fun Run?  TBD   TBD
Swap Meet  May 17  Datsloco Swap Meet 
Club Meeting  June 6
Fun Run  June 14-15  Driving Datsun Canby Fun 
Club Meeting  July 4  
Fun Run  July 12  RailTown 1897 / Columbia State
Club Meeting  August 1
Event  August 5-9  Z Car Nationals, San Diego 
Fun Run  August 23  TBD



All About SDO

Welcome to the "official" web site for the unofficial Sacramento Datsun Owners Club! Established in early 2005 by long time Datsun 510 mechanic/owner/racer David W. of Cameron Park, the club has grown by leaps and bounds over the last few years! Our monthly meetings continue to increase in size with new people! But first lets redefine this word, "club". Most clubs have rules, fees/dues, registrations, etc etc. We do not, hence the "unofficial" status. We just like to have fun with our cars! We do fun-runs, auto-crosses, monthly pizza meets, the occasional BBQ or swap meet, etc etc!

Our group is centered primarily around the Datsun 510, years 1968-1973. However, any Nissan/Datsun enthusiast is welcome! Occasionally we get even non Datsun drivers to come to the meets! Including old Mazda RX-3's, and extinct Mitsubishi Tredia, among many other classic imports. On really rare occasions, as in only once so far, we had a E36 BMW M3 tag along on a fun run. Or how about a 1966 Shelby Cobra??? Yes, it has happened!

So bring what you have and come have fun!


David Pare Memorial Album

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